WINDOWS 11: Free Update and New Features

WINDOWS 11: Free Update and New Features

Among the most awaited innovations you will find the tablet mode, improved with device rotation, better window management and responsive and fluid touch controls. The pen writing and drawing, crucial feature for artists and creatives, will also be optimized. Tablet users will greatly appreciate Microsoft's effort to adapt and compete with other operating systems and will immediately notice the big differences after the upgrade from Windows 10.

Instead, for all devices, optimizations are expected for speech recognition commands, including speech to text apps, as these features are of great importance for professionals and students.

In comparison to Windows 10, the improved graphics make Windows 11 specially suitable for multitasking with the purpose of increasing productivity. In fact, it will be easier to manage windows with greater flexibility thanks to Snap Layouts, an even greater advantage on large computer monitors. Moreover, those who use multiple monitors will be able to memorize the position of the windows to find them identical for the next work session without wasting time reorganizing the desktops.

Another innovation of Windows 11 is Teams, which finally replaces Skype. Teams is already included into the desktop, for those who love to be always connected, chat with friends or have to do work conference calls.

To surf the Internet you will find Microsoft Edge, this time with a greater number of Widgets to organize and customize the flow of information by choosing the most significant based on your interests. So you can set up weather, news, sports, finance and many other topics to stay up to date without wasting time searching.

With Windows 11, the use of multimedia content is even easier thanks to the wide compatibility with Android. The Microsoft Store and Amazon App Store will be connected and all the apps contained will be available for download. Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, Disney + and many more are already available and ready to use on all devices with Windows 11 or on TV screens thanks to the Mirroring mode.

When will Windows 11 be released?

On June 24, 2021, Microsoft announced the release without disclosing the exact date. Until June 24, Microsoft Insider subscribers were able to download the beta version to test it, report any bugs and give feedback to the company.

So it is thought that Windows 11 will be ready for official release between October and December of 2021 available with the purchase of the new PCs. Instead, the transition to Windows 11 for those who already own a PC with Windows 10 will take place with a free update starting from the first months of 2022.

What are the system requirements for Windows 11?

Generally, those who own Windows 10 should have no problems with the transition to the new operating system, althought they need suitable hardware. Accordingly, let's see the minimum system requirements to install Windows 11:

  • Processor 64-bit, 1 Ghz, with at least 2 cores
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Storage 64 GB
  • System Firmware UEFI Compatible, Secure Boot
  • TPM 2.0
  • Graphics card DirectX 12 / WDDM 2.x compatible
  • Screen at least 9 inches with HD resolution (720p)

In any case, the PC Health Check app is available to check compatibility.

Anyone who meet the system requirements, but has an older operating system such as Windows 8, will have to upgrade to Windows 10 and then get Windows 11 for free.

While waiting for the new operating system, in these months the offers for the Windows 10 license are very affordable and can be purchased for 5 - 8 - 12 euros depending on the bundle and the number of devices. An opportunity to renew and upgrade your PC!

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