Dying: Reborn

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DYING: Reborn is a First-Person u2018Room Escapeu2019 puzzle game, in which players must tackle all kinds of puzzles in a series of dark and eerie rooms.

In the first of 6 chapters, protagonist Mathew finds himself waking up in a strange hotel with little recollection of what has lead him there. At this dark hour a mysterious character contacts him, claiming he prepared a series of trials for Mathew to u2018pay for the enormous mistake he made a long time agou2019...and a grave punishment awaiting him should he fail to pass theseu2026

-Solve puzzles in a fully 3D environment by discovering items, interacting with everything around you and using your brains as well as your imagination.

-Collect fragments of data that ultimately will lead to learning the truth behind Mathewu2019s dark predicament.

-6 chapters full of adventure gameplay, containing intriguing characters and a bizarre plot

-Puzzles that provide both challenge and mystery

-An eerie atmosphere in which players will unravel things going far beyond their imaginationu2026.and their guts.

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