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Mass Effect 2 (Digital Delux Edition)

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BioWare’s critically acclaimed sci-fi adventure returns to make your PC the coolest thing on the block. The Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition takes players on a new journey with Commander Shepard. The galaxy has seen better days. A deadly group has decided to invest in abducting human colonies and it’s up to you and a crew of elite fighters to save the day. Surviving the mission is one thing, but getting your peers to respect you is a whole new and very difficult adventure. Everything you say affects the story and the way other characters will act towards you — good luck getting recruits for that major suicide mission that’s waiting for you.Get the most out of your Mass Effect experience by downloading the Deluxe Edition to your PC. The download includes in-game weapons, armour, and the Cerberus network code has access to exclusive bonus content for even more thrilling sci-fi action. And just for the collectors out there, this edition comes with a digital download of the soundtrack, an art book, the first issue of the Mass Effect comic book, and exclusive making-of videos that take you behind the scenes of the game.With an improved combat system, better graphics, and more weapons, Mass Effect 2 is the perfect follow-up to its predecessor. Create your hero, gather your crew, and take off into an adventure that is truly out of this world.The Digital Deluxe Edition includes:• Bonus in-game weapon and armour • Bonus in-game Incisor sniper rifle • Mass Effect 2 Soundtrack (digital download) • The Making Of Mass Effect 2 videos • Digital version of Issue #1 of the Mass Effect comic book by Dark Horse comics • Digital 48-page art book • Cerberus Network code granting access to bonus content