The new version of Microsoft Office 2021 will be released next few months

The new version of Microsoft Office 2021 will be released next few months

Office 2021 will contain all the classic programs already available in Office 2019: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, and, only in the business version, the Access database manager.

What changes with Office 2021?
After Microsoft 365, which essentially bases the use and storage on Microsoft OneDrive cloud, with relative content sharing and teamwork, this version of Office 2021 follows the functionality of Office 2019.

Basically, it is a package that works on-site and does not require the cloud. This feature is necessary for all companies and individuals who do not need to share content, do not like the cloud, and prefer to store data on their computers. Also, it is suitable for those who cannot entrust their information to the network for reasons of corporate security.

The result is a more traditional use, which brings Office back to its original functions. In this way, Microsoft will continue to offer the two solutions: Microsoft 365 and Office 2021 to satisfy a wider audience.

What are the new features in Office 2021?
Microsoft has not officially announced the specific features of the package yet. Although, a preview of the business version is planned for next April. For now, we are aware of some news.

The first concerns the graphic side with the Dark Mode function. Already introduced in many browsers and apps, including some social networks, Dark Mode allows for more comfortable reading, especially when using artificial lights. The background of the screen is black to reduce reflexes drastically. Unlike the Night Mode, which gives warm lighting by dimming the brightness and limiting the blue light, the Dark Mode increases the contrast between the text, in this case, white, and the dark background.
Therefore, Office 2021 adapts to a function already present in many programs and has been greatly appreciated by many users.

Another news concerns Excel with the introduction of XLOOKUP to replace VLOOKUP. The new feature, currently available for Insiders users and introduced in Microsoft 365, will be added to Office 2021 in both the consumer and business versions to allow more efficient business and family management.


XLOOKUP improves the management of spreadsheets through the ability to view and select the data contained in the cells to the left of the selected cell. There will be also the ability to work on ranges of values in addition to exact matches values; insert new columns and change their position without interrupting the formulas, but with their automatic adaptation.

Office 2021 will be compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. The desire to maintain the most extensive possible compatibility is very likely, for which we can assume system requirements similar to Office 2019.

So expect Windows 10 operating system for PCs with 4GB RAM for 64Bit systems and 2GB RAM for 32-bit systems. Instead, Mac requires MAC OS Extended or APFS. All documents created with previous versions of Office will have full compatibility.

How much does Office 2021 cost?
Microsoft has announced that the consumer version of Office 2021 will not undergo price changes from previous versions. Instead, Office LTSC could cost 10% more than Office 2019 Professional.

Unlike the subscription-based Office 365, the Office 2021 license is purchased once and is valid for life. Precisely, the aim is to offer software that lasts over time and can support companies and individuals for many years to come. However, Microsoft support is provided for the first five years, compared to seven years for the previous packages.




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